Monster House (2006) USA
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Director:Gil Kenan
Studio:Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Writer:Dan Harmon & Rob Schrab & Pamela Pettler
Rating:3.5 (3 votes)
Rated:Parental Guidance
Date Added:2009-03-02
Picture Format:Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:2.4:1
Sound:PCM 5.1
Languages:English, Polish, Hungarian, Czech
Subtitles:Dutch, Finnish, Danish, Hebrew, Hindi, Czech, Hungarian, English, Arabic, Swedish, Polish, Turkish
Summary: I haven't many Blu-ray discs to compare this too, but I certainly hope this is not the zenith of high definition. The picture is really not that great. It is supposed to be 1080p, but in some places it seems not to be very sharp and in other scenes, there seems to be some bad encoding that causes artifacts on the screen. I even switched my Blu-ray player from 1080p to 480p, just to see what the quality difference was. The answer is: not a lot.

Besides the ropy picture quality, the film passes the time, but is more than a little predicatble. The characters are forgettable and they forgot to tie up the loose ends properly for the final denouement, so they crammed some extra explanatory scenes into the credits, which is extremely lazy.

This is a rental rather than a purchase... and you might as well rent the DVD, given the miniscule improvements in the Blu-ray version.