Candidate (1972)
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Director:Michael Ritchie
Studio:Warner Home Video
Producer:Nelson Rising, Walter Coblenz
Writer:Jeremy Larner
Rating:4.0 (8 votes)
Date Added:2010-11-08
Picture Format:Pan & Scan
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Subtitles:English, French, Spanish
Michael Ritchie  ...  (Director)
Jeremy Larner  ...  (Writer)
Robert Redford  ...  
Peter Boyle  ...  
Melvyn Douglas  ...  
Don Porter  ...  
Allen Garfield  ...  
Victor J. Kemper  ...  Cinematographer
Richard A. Harris  ...  Editor
Robert Estrin  ...  Editor
Summary: Political movies can come across as overly stuffy. That said having watched Charlie Wilson's war and now this lately on TCM I'm beginning to take a liking to the genre. Part satire, part drama Robert Redford once again doesn't dissappoint in a brilliantly written movie. An oscar winning screenplay for a previous scriptwriter of a senator no less, the film offers a insiders view of contemporary politics and the nature of the beast.

Now I've read alot of reviews which say the overall message and tone for the movie is cyncical but I seem like the only one anywhere who took a positive message from the movie.

Long story short, Billy McCay is a passionate environmentalist lawyer who becomes railroaded into campaigning for a senatorial seat against a stuffy, almost stereotypical republican douche. During the campaign his values become compromised into oblivion and cheap slogans...

I don't want to ruin the story but am I wrong in saying the whole point in being elected to represent the people always carries an inheent risk of compromising your values? McCay's character comes across as more tired from campaigning than cynical and a father son reuniting on the political trail was heartwarming.

I don't know how you will interepret the movie but I enjoyed it immensely. Its like a train that gets faster and faster and Redford carries everyone through to a fine result. 9/10