The Complete Jean Vigo (2011) France
The Complete Jean Vigo Image Cover
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Director:Jean Vigo
Studio:Criterion Collection
Date Added:2012-12-17
Picture Format:Academy Ratio
Aspect Ratio:1.33:1
Sound:PCM 1.0
Features:Black and White, Special Edition
Jean Vigo  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Michel Simon  ...  
Jean Dasté  ...  
Dita Parlo  ...  
Louis Lefebvre  ...  
Louis Berger  ...  
Summary: Even among cinema’s greatest legends, Jean Vigo stands alone. The son of a notorious anarchist, Vigo had a brief but brilliant career making poetic, lightly surrealist films before his life was cut tragically short by tuberculosis at age twenty-nine. Like the daring early works of his contemporaries Jean Cocteau and Luis Buñuel, Vigo’s films refused to play by the rules. This set includes all of Vigo’s titles: "À propos de Nice", "an absurdist", rhythmic slice of life from the bustling coastal city of the title; "Taris", an inventive short portrait of a swimming champion; "Zéro de conduite", a radical, delightful tale of boarding-school rebellion that has influenced countless filmmakers; and, of course, "L’Atalante", widely regarded as one of cinema’s finest achievements, about newlyweds beginning their life together on a canal barge. These are the endlessly witty, visually adventurous works of a pivotal film artist.
"À propos de Nice", 1930, 23 min, B&W, Silent, 1.33:1
"Taris", 1931, 9 min, B&W, Mono, In French with English subtitles, 1.19:1
"Zéro de conduite", 1933, 44 min, B&W, Mono, In French with English subtitles
"L’Atalante", 1934, 85 min, B&W, Mono, In French with English subtitles, 1.33:1