Crumb (1995)
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Director:Terry Zwigoff
Producer:Terry Zwigoff, Albert Berger, Lawrence Wilkinson, Lianne Halfon, Lynn O'Donnell, Neal Halfon
Rating:4.5 (83 votes)
Date Added:2010-05-26
Genre:Action & Adventure
Terry Zwigoff  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Robert Crumb  ...  
Aline Kominsky  ...  
Charles Crumb  ...  
Maxon Crumb  ...  
Robert Hughes  ...  
Maryse Alberti  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Robert Crumb is known for his disturbing, yet compelling, underground cartoons: his most famous works made countercultural icons out of Mr. Natural ("Keep on Truckin'...") and Fritz the Cat. Terry Zwigoff delves into the odd world of the cartoonist in his documentary film "Crumb", and the picture that emerges is not always pretty--at moments, it's almost repellent--but it's a fascinating glimpse into a very strange mind. Interviewing immediate family--Crumb has one suicidal brother, one semi-psychopathic brother, two sisters who declined to be interviewed, and a tyrannical mother--Crumb begins to look a bit saner. Given his surroundings, it's remarkable that he has survived so well. His hostilities toward women may turn some viewers off, but his wife, Aline, seems to be a grounding point, and she provides a solid counterbalance to the man. No one shies away from discussing incredibly intimate things (namely, sex!), which explains much of R. Crumb's cartoons. This documentary can definitely be considered a masterpiece for the cult crowd, and as for the rest of us, it's sure to make us feel a little better about our own lives! "--Jenny Brown"