Dead End Drive In (1986) Australia
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Director:Brian Trenchard-Smith
Studio:Starz / Anchor Bay
Writer:Peter Smalley
Rating:4.5 (5 votes)
Date Added:2008-10-14
Purchased At:DVD Pacific
Purchased On:2008-10-14
Genre:Action & Adventure
Picture Format:Anamorphic Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Brian Trenchard-Smith  ...  (Director)
Peter Smalley  ...  (Writer)
Ned Manning  ...  
Natalie McCurry  ...  
Peter Whitford  ...  
Wilbur Wilde  ...  
Dave Gibson  ...  
Summary: This one has it all.There's violence,sex,car chases,explosions,cheezy '80s music,a '56 Chevy,and most importantly a drive-in! In a futuristic 1990 the government is keeping the unemployed youth locked up in a drive-in and giving them snack bar food,drugs,beer,and all night movies for free.Where do I sign up? Yes it's a bit silly at times,and the premise is unbelievable,but after all it's a "B" film.You just can't expect perfection in films like these,and I (for one) wouldn't have it any other way.There's nothing like stepping back to a simpler time and place.This fine little independent film from Down Under is just like taking a mini vacation in the way back machine.Pop this one in the DVD break out the popcorn and a cold Fosters and enjoy this blast from the past....8)

8/10 on the Drive-in-Freak-O-Meter...ya just gotta check this out!