Dune (1984) USA
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Director:David Lynch
Studio:Universal Studios
Writer:David Lynch
Rating:3.5 (707 votes)
Date Added:2010-05-04
Purchased On:2010-05-04
Genre:Action & Adventure
Picture Format:Anamorphic Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Sound:Dolby Digital Plus 5.1
Languages:English, French, Spanish
Subtitles:English, French, Spanish
David Lynch  ...  (Director)
David Lynch  ...  (Writer)
Francesca Annis  ...  
Leo Cimino  ...  
Daniel Bryan Corkill  ...  
Brad Dourif  ...  
Linda Hunt  ...  
Frederick Elmes  ...  Cinematographer
Freddie Francis  ...  Cinematographer
James Devis  ...  Cinematographer
Summary: Even more than most of David Lynch's deliberately bizarre and idiosyncratic movies, "Dune" is a "love-it-or-hate-it" affair. An ambitious, epic, utterly mind-boggling--and, let's admit it, all-out weird--adaptation of Frank Herbert's classic science fiction novel, "Dune" remains one of the most controversial films in the director's exceedingly provocative career. The story (if "Dune" can be said to have just one story) is complex and convoluted in the epic tradition; it has something to do with political intrigue and a planet that is home to a precious spice and gigantic sand worms. Think Shakespeare's "Henry IV" with a dash of "Tremors", and set in another galaxy. But despite plenty of strangely whispered voice-overs that explain the characters' thoughts (and endlessly detailed exposition), storytelling is not really among the film's strong points. There are, however, a lot of memorably fantastic/grotesque images, an extraordinary cast, and a soundtrack featuring Toto. I told you it was weird. Among the stars are Kyle MacLachlan, José Ferrer, Dean Stockwell, Brad Dourif, Sting, Kenneth McMillan, Patrick Stewart, Sean Young, and Linda Hunt. "--Jim Emerson"