Eagle Vs. Shark (2007)
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Director:Taika Waititi
Studio:Optimum Home Entertainment
Rating:4.0 (11 votes)
Rated:Suitable for 15 years and over
Date Added:2008-08-25
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Taika Waititi  ...  (Director)
  ...  (Writer)
Joel Tobeck  ...  
Jemaine Clement  ...  
Loren Horsley  ...  
Brian Sergent  ...  
Rachel House  ...  
Summary: i'm careful when it comes to recommending low-key films cos to know too much about them usually equals missing the point but i really think this film needs to be seen by as many people as possible.i can't get this film out of my head and that's pretty rare,even more so being that it's a romantic comedy,one of the least favoured genres for being thought about post cinema.most reviews i've looked at since seeing the film make a big deal of two things,a)it's similarity to napoleon dynamite and b)the main characters being either unsympathetic or just plain pathetic.they're both justified but i think both work in the films favour.i love napoleon dynamite,yet it's an out and out comedy.where eagle vs shark has the edge is that it's not afraid to get a little dark at times.they're stylistically very similar yet at no point did i feel this film was ripping dynamite off.and b),to me makes the film that little more realistic cos upon first meeting them,the protagonists seem(though a little eccentric)straight-forward enough yet by the end of the film are anything but(this fact is even referenced by a comic line spoken by jared,the film's main protagonist,halfway through the film).i think that sums pretty much all of us out there up,doesn't it?!!this film isn't afraid to venture into grey areas yet doesn't make a big deal of it when it does.at times you'll want to either slap certain characters or go rescue them but at no point will you stop caring.loren horsely's performance alone is worth seeing the film for,at turns hilarious and heart-breaking(if you haven't fallen in love with her character lily by the end of the film,then you might wanna think about checking your pulse!)and the film features the best use of a stone roses tune i can imagine being put to film.AND a cover of bowie's let's dance,which sounds pretty touching in context here.anyway,so much for being careful...my favourite film of 2007,eagle vs.shark is hilarious,hopeful and hypnotical,a must-see.like some of the characters,strange but worth taking a chance on...