Giliap (1975) Sweden
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Director:Roy Andersson
Writer:Roy Andersson
Rating:5.7 (246 votes)
Date Added:2009-01-13
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Purchased On:2009-01-13
Picture Format:LetterBox
Aspect Ratio:1.66:1
Sound:3 Channel Stereo
Roy Andersson  ...  (Director)
Roy Andersson  ...  (Writer)
Thommy Berggren  ...  Giliap
Mona Seilitz  ...  Anna
Willie Andréason  ...  Gustav Svensson, "Greven"
Lars-Levi Læstadius  ...  Kreip
Henry Olhans  ...  The Vulture, "Gamen"
Rainer Mieth  ...  Fat Chef
Julie Bernby  ...  Singer
Arne Leif Nielsen  ...  Simonsson
Raymond Johansson  ...  Gunman
Sven Sparr  ...  Old Man
Irma Attermark  ...  Cashier
Ingvar Lagergren  ...  Punk
Lars Lennartsson  ...  Bartender
Lennart Pilotti  ...  Unwanted Guest
Pernilla August  ...  Girl at Summer Hotel (as Pernilla Wallgren)
Summary: In a minor town the morose manager is primarily responsible for the bad atmosphere of a restaurant. But central for the plot are three persons: a male waiter who is never named (here called W), the female waiter Anna, and "the count", a self-invented nickname by a man cleaning plates. The count is skilled in making others do what he wants. Half a dozen of the personnel assist in a poorly planned and failed attempt to liberate a man whom the police move from one arrest to another. The event involves stealing a motorcycle and threatening policemen with a gun. Anna strongly tries to make contact with W. Finally it turns out that she need his help to break her sexual relation to the count, a relation that from her part is not motivated by positive feelings. W rejects her attempts. And then Anna has suddenly gone. She has got a pleasant job in another town. And then W's feelings awaken. He follows her. During one or two days really great and reciprocal love and happiness emerge. On the following day the count comes to Anna. He has got a lot of money by a robbery and wants to resume their relation. When she refuses he first throws away all money (they blow away by the wind). And then he shoots her.