Jekyll (2007)
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Director:Douglas Mackinnon, Matt Lipset
Studio:Contender Entertainment Group
Writer:Steven Moffat
Rating:4.5 (34 votes)
Rated:Suitable for 15 years and over
Date Added:2008-10-21
Purchased On:2008-10-20
Genre:Crime, Thrillers & Mystery
Picture Format:Anamorphic Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:1.78:1
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0
Features:Box set
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Douglas Mackinnon, Matt Lipset  ...  (Director)
Steven Moffat  ...  (Writer)
James Nesbitt  ...  
Michelle Ryan  ...  
Gina Bellman  ...  
Meera Syal  ...  
Denis Lawson  ...  
Summary: Over the years there's been a couple of different attempts at adapting Jekyll and Hyde to television, and none have really worked that well mainly because everyone already knows that they're the same guy, it's part of the public consciousness and therefore doesn't make engaging viewing. Part of what makes this series so good is that it knows this and uses it to it's advantage.
Instead of following the story of the ill-fated 19th century doctor this series follows a modern day man called Jackman (Nesbit) who we first meet strapping himself into a complex series of restraints whilst talking to a private psyciatric nurse about 'him'. Jackman has begun to transform into a very different man, he seems to have the same problem as doctor Jekyll had but this time there's no magic potion, no control, Hyde just arrives. The two men communicate with each other via Dictaphone and the nurse has been hired to act as a carer/go-between for them. Nesbit of course plays both parts and manages to make the two men so different that there's never a moments confusion who is talking.
Jackman and Hyde both look very different as well, where Jackman is aging and clearly strained by his condition, Hyde is energetic, manic, violent. They have slightly different hair and - in a very simple but extremely effective move - different eyes courtesy of a pair of creepy black contact lenses. Despite the title this is Hyde's show all the way, Nesbit gives him such charisma and energy that he steals the show anytime he's on screen.
The plot of the series follows Jackman as he struggles to protect the world and his own family from Hyde whilst being hunted by some mysterious government agency who want Hyde for themselves. Hyde isn't just younger than Jackman, he's stronger, faster, and further evolved, able to monitor his own blood stream, tap the consciousness of animals and utilize a photographic memory. The plot of the series is just plain bonkers but it's all played with such style that it doesn't matter, they're not going for realism here, they're going for entertainment.
It's flawed; they keep getting people to play Americans who can't do the accent, don't give Gina Bellman (paying Jackman's wife) nearly enough to do in the early episodes, some of the minor characters are overacted. But none of that matters because from start to finish Jekyll remains a series whose only goal is purely to entertain, and it achieves this every time.
I would highly recommend this series; it's thrilling, scary, funny, intriguing and just plain fun. Throw in an ending that just screams 'series 2 coming soon' and this is not one to miss.