Ping Pong Kungen (2008) Sweden
Ping Pong Kungen Image Cover
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Director:Jens Jonsson
Studio:BOB Film Sweden AB
Writer:Jens Jonsson, Hans Gunnarsson
Rating:6.5 (813 votes)
Date Added:2011-06-12
Awards:6 wins & 2 nominations
Picture Format:Anamorphic Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:2.35:1
Jens Jonsson  ...  (Director)
Jens Jonsson, Hans Gunnarsson  ...  (Writer)
Jerry Johansson  ...  Rille
Hampus Johansson  ...  Erik
Georgi Staykov  ...  Father
Ann-Sofie Nurmi  ...  Mother
Frederik Nilsson  ...  Väg-Gunnar
Alicia Stewén  ...  Anja
Carolina Westmann  ...  Josefin
William Blomfeldt  ...  Mikko
Camilla Larsson  ...  PE teacher
Emelie Strömberg  ...  Youth center supervisor
Sten Elfström  ...  Passenger on the bus
Genny Bergvall  ...  Father's asian girlfriend
Alf Andersson  ...  Bus driver
Sigbritt Nilsson  ...  Nurse
Kim Cristiansen  ...  Gang member
Summary: Rille is coming of age in a Swedish town; he's chubby, stoic, and deliberate. His younger brother Erik is small, impulsive. They're yin and yang. Their parents are separated, their father a well-meaning alcoholic whom they see on occasion. Rille takes pride in being the keeper of the ping-pong equipment at a youth center, where he's the best player; Erik hangs out with guys who tease Rille, spreading rumors about who his biological father might really be. Their mom, overweight and dependent on Rille, has a frequent visitor, Gunnar, a balding small businessman. Things come to a head when Rille overhears his mother and Gunnar talking and insists on knowing the truth.