Moving Wallpaper / Echo Beach: Complete Series 1 Box Set (2007)
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Studio:Contender Entertainment Group
Rating:3.5 (3 votes)
Rated:Suitable for 15 years and over
Date Added:2009-04-07
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Features:Box set
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Summary: Moving Wallpaper has to be the best television satire since Drop the Dead Donkey. The cast is fantastic- Jonathan Pope will soon take his place along with Gene Hunt in the list of most iconic tv characters, Raquel Cassidy jsut oozes venom as tv exec Nancy Weeks, Lucy Liemann (who i had never heard of before) is brilliant as the multi tasking script editor...actually every single member of the Moving Wallpaper cast is fantastic. The show is just soooo funny (there are dozens of killer one liners- especially from 'The Jonathan Pope') and wonderfully shot.

Echo Beach could just be viewed as a normal surf and scandal drama, (albeit one that has the most stunning aerial shots and graded film) but it is the links in with Moving Wallpaper (e.g. the relationship between Jonathan and Sam is perhaps an analogy of Susan and Dan.) that are so devestatingly brilliant. I cannot recommend this show enough, by far and a way the most innovative and funniest comedy on tv in donkey's years!