Minority Report (2002) USA
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Director:Steven Spielberg
Studio:20th Century Fox Home Entertainment
Writer:Scott Frank, Jon Cohen
Rated:Suitable for 12 years and over
Date Added:2011-03-07
Purchased At:Amazon
Purchased On:2011-03-07
Genre:Science Fiction & Fantasy
Picture Format:Anamorphic Widescreen
Aspect Ratio:2.4:1
Sound:DTS HD 5.1
Steven Spielberg  ...  (Director)
Scott Frank, Jon Cohen  ...  (Writer)
Tom Cruise  ...  
Samantha Morton  ...  
Colin Farrell  ...  
Max Von Sydow  ...  
Peter Stormare  ...  
Summary: Many catalogue movies are increasingly being shovelled onto the Blu-ray format with the bare minimum of care and attention, in the hope of picking up a few extra quid. "Minority Report", whilst not a radical overhaul of the DVD special edition, thankfully treads a different path.
Much of that is down to a terrific collection of behind the scenes extra features, that retrospectively dig into the look and feel of the movie. It’s interesting material to work through. But it’s the film that’s stood the test of time very well, and "Minority Report" is arguably one of director Steven Spielberg’s finest movies of the past decade or two.
Taking a Philip K Dick story as its inspiration, "Minority Report" stars Tom Cruise as an officer in Pre-Crime, a department in the future that stops crime before it’s happened. Yet when his name appears as a future criminal, he has to get to the bottom of just what’s happening.
This all sets the scene for a fabulously entertaining futuristic thriller, that only stumbles slightly as it heads to the end. Spielberg delivers some excellent action sequences, and the look and feel of the movie is simply outstanding. That’s enhanced too by the excellent high definition transfer the film has benefited from, which will both test out any quality 1080p display, and also give a solid speaker set-up a real workout.
"Minority Report" is, then, one of the best catalogue Blu-ray releases of recent times, and a welcome chance to revisit a film that’s otherwise in danger of being lost in the Spielberg back-catalogue. And it’s a movie that simply deserves a lot more than that… --"Jon Foster"