The Whistleblowers (2007)
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Studio:Contender Entertainment Group
Writer:Tony Marchant, Tony Saint, Steve Thompson, Paul Logue
Rating:3.5 (4 votes)
Rated:Suitable for 15 years and over
Date Added:2008-10-09
Purchased On:2008-10-09
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  ...  (Director)
Tony Marchant, Tony Saint, Steve Thompson, Paul Logue  ...  (Writer)
Indira Varma  ...  
Richard Coyle  ...  
Daniel Ryan  ...  
Kieran Bew  ...  
Summary: I had high hopes for this show which is written by Tony Marchant (The Mark Of Cain) but unfortunately they were dashed within about 15 minutes of the opening episode. The story is that BEN GRAHAM (Richard Coyle) and ALISHA COLE (Indira Varma) are lawyers at the same highly successful London firm. They witness a miscarriage of justice on their own doorstep and, instead of giving in to the temptation to look the other way, they speak out. However, by trying to do the right thing, Ben and Alisha suddenly find themselves on the other side of the law - enemies of the state.

This all sounds great however the drama moves at such a pace (normally a good thing in a thriller) that there is little time for characterisation or decent dialogue and you get the feeling they are just going so fast so you don't notice the yawning great plot holes that appear as they move from one far fetched situation to another. The final few minutes of the first episode in which they hold a press conference and stream video footage from a mobile phone of someone being tortured are laughably unbelievable.

This was meant to be ITV's answer to Spooks but it never gets close to offering the kind of thrills, intelligent writing and superb pacing that Spooks does. In short very disappointing.