Absolute Power : Complete BBC Series 1 (2005) Great Britain
Absolute Power : Complete BBC Series 1 Image Cover
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Director:John Morton
Studio:2 Entertain Video
Writer:Mark Lawson, Andy Rattenbury, Guy Andrews
Rating:4.5 (10 votes)
Rated:Suitable for 15 years and over
Date Added:2008-10-30
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Aspect Ratio:1.78:1
Sound:Dolby Digital 2.0
Subtitles:English SDH
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John Morton  ...  (Director)
Mark Lawson, Andy Rattenbury, Guy Andrews  ...  (Writer)
Stephen Fry  ...  
John Bird  ...  
James Lance  ...  
Zoe Telford  ...  
Sally Bretton  ...  
Summary: For years I've been of the opinion that the best comedy is to be found on the radio and more specifically Radio 4. A great deal of that comedy crosses over to the TV and becomes the best comedy on TV. Absolute Power is another in a long line of those crossovers and in my opinion it is even better on the TV than it was on the radio.
It centres around a PR company, Prentiss McCabe and each episode looks at the current client they are working with and the problems they are trying to turn to their advantage. PR has become such a big thing in recent years that it is extremely topical and you can't help but think that it is true to life.
The cast are all excellent, lead by Stephen Fry who plays Charles Prentiss, an excellent comedy character with no morals at all. You really will be stunned by the depths he will sink to. John Bird is the other lead playing Marin McCabe who like Charles is a master of spin, though he provides the occasional moral input to the partnership.
The supporting cast are all strong, with the two main secondary stars being James Lance and Zoe Telford, two junior PR executives, with Lance playing a devious schemer and Telford a slightly more naive though hard working character. They are excellent and valuable members of the cast. There are two other junors in the office who to be honest are of little importance and in my opinion could have been left out.
There are some brilliant one off parts with the most notable being Geoffrey Palmer playing an absoulutely brilliant part as a country gent who turns out to be trying to be a Nazi supporter (anything that can make that funny is clearly well written humour!)
Each episode contains many laugh out loud moments and there is not really any weak material in there. If you enjoy intelligent humour, look no further than this.